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students in computer labThe Internet offers many resources for those who are studying English, are preparing exams like the TOEFL or GRE or applying to American universities. The Internet resources on this page are divided by area of interest. In many areas, there are two different types of websites:

Grammar | Oral Communication | Listening | Reading | Writing | Vocabulary | Pronunciation | Test Preparation | Dictionaries | | Current Events (News) | Other Collections | Academic Study Resources

Grammar Resources

Oral Communication Resources

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Listening Resources

Student Resource: Websites designed for ESL students

Authentic Listening Sites: News Websites

Authentic Listening Websites: Other Audio-Video websites

Authentic Listening Websites: Presentations and Lectures

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Reading Resources

Student Resources

Authentic Reading Resources

Magazines, Online Books and other Reading Resources

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Writing Resources

Writing for Beginners

Academic Writing Resources

Writing in Different Academic Areas

Writing Resumes and Cover Letters

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign Career Center: Check this website for examples of writing needed for job searches

Statements of Purpose

For Undergraduate Students

For Graduate Students

Vocabulary Resources

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Pronunciation Resources

Test Preparation

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Online Dictionaries

Other Collections of ESL Resources

Several of these collections were used as a starting point for selecting some of the resources included above.


Resources for Academic Study in the US