Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any programs that are 4 or 6 weeks long?

No. We have 3 programs each calendar year. Spring (January-May) is 15 weeks, Summer (June-August) is 8 weeks, and Fall (August-December) is 15 weeks.

After I finish the IEI program, will I be admitted to the University of Illinois?

No. The IEI program is separate from the University of Illinois programs. Admission to the IEI program does not guarantee admission to any University of Illinois program.

Do you offer conditional admission?

No. The University of Illinois and the Intensive English Institute are separate programs. The University of Illinois does not offer conditional admission to their programs.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. The IEI does offer scholarships. While the IEI does not offer full scholarships, we do offer a lottery scholarship for partial tuition each semester for new students. Scholarship recipients are still required to show sufficient financial resources to cover the remainder of the tuition and living expenses before issuing an I-20. The IEI also offers merit scholarships to current students continuing from one semester to the next. Current students should visit the IEI front office to get more information about merit scholarships.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. The IEI does offer payment plans for students enrolled in the 15-week fall and spring semester. Please contact the IEI main office to learn if you are eligble for a payment plan and to enroll in a payment plan. (