Registration and Orientation Week

Registration Welcome

All Summer 2018 new students must come to the IEI on Monday, June 4, 2018 to register. Check your email for your assigned time.


The Intensive English Institute is located at 616 East Green Street in Suite 210. The entrance is between Subway & McDonald’s, through the door with the “Kaplan” sign, second floor, Suite 210. The nearest intersection is Green and Wright Street or Green and Sixth Street.


When you arrive at the IEI for the first time, please bring the following:

  • Your passport.
  • Your I-20 that the IEI issued to you.
  • The completed Immunization History Form that was sent to you via email.

During Registration, the following will happen:

  • Payment of IEI Tuition and University Fees
  • University of Illinois Student ID Card: IEI students receive a University of Illinois student identification card once their tuition and fees are paid.
  • Campus Computer and Email Orientation: During this orientation, students will get their campus Net ID (user name) and passwords which will let them use the computer labs on campus. They will also get their U of I email accounts and learn how to use them.
  • McKinley Health Center Visit & TB Screening: As new students on the University of Illinois campus, all IEI students must be screened for tuberculosis (TB) at the beginning of the first semester they are on campus. This is a requirement of the university. During orientation week, IEI students are assigned to go with a group to McKinley Health Center for this required screening. Bring your student ID card, the McKinley Health Information Form you were sent when you were accepted as an IEI student, and the forms you are given at registration. Be sure to bring with you any records that show when you have had immunizations for measles, mumps, rubella, or tetanus. If you cannot show that you have had these required immunizations, the nurses at McKinley will give them to you (at your own cost). If you have any questions about the immunizations or about any possible side effects, ask the nurses. The TB screening must be done in the U.S., not in your home country. More information can be found here.
  • English Placement Test: During registration week, you will take a placement test. You will be tested in 5 areas: writing; grammar, reading, listening, and oral communication. The oral interview will be scheduled separately from the rest of the test. The rest of the test takes about 2 hours.

    NOTE: All students MUST take the IEI placement test at the time scheduled by the IEI office. Only students who have completed registration may take this test. If you have registered and you miss the test, you must pay a $150 late testing fee.

You will be placed into the appropriate IEI level according to your EPT results. You will receive your placement when you receive your class schedule the week before classes start. There are many factors that affect test performance. For this reason, your teachers will observe your English performance carefully during the first week of class to be sure you are placed in the correct level. The IEI will contact you by the beginning of week 2 of classes if your teachers believe your placement level was incorrect.

However, if you believe your placement level is incorrect, please follow the Placement Appeal Process. Formal appeals are due by 5pm at the end of week 1. Appeals will not be considered after that date.


During the week of orientation, the following activities are scheduled:

    • Bus & Walking Tours – These tours help students get familiar with the public bus system in Urbana-Champaign and show them how to get to the major shopping areas and nearby supermarkets. These tours help familiarize students with the University of Illinois campus and community.
    • Shopping Excursions – Students have the opportunity to go shopping with IEI interns (UI students) for necessary items and food.
    • Lunch/Dinner Out – At various times during orientation week, IEI students and interns get together for lunch and/or dinner at a campus restaurant.
    • Other Social Activities – Other optional social activities are planned for students during orientation week, such as bowling at the Illini Union or a game night at the IEI.