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peopleIn order to help our students meet their goals quickly and effectively the Intensive English Program offers a variety of courses and uses the latest ESL teaching techniques. Our program has 6 levels of proficiency from basic to advanced and students attend class 20 hours a week. Class size is small with an average of 12-15 students.

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The IEI believes that the best way for students to learn English is by taking responsibility for their own learning process. As a result, IEI classes teach students both knowledge of English and learning strategies for acquiring the different skills they need.

Some of the skills that the Intensive English Program can help students develop are:

In all levels we emphasize:

Students participate in a wide range of activities in class that provides them with an interesting and meaningful experience. Class activities often include:

In all levels, students do homework that can include listening, speaking, reading or writing assignments. These assignments build on what students have been working on in class and enrich their learning experience.