Special Group Programs

The Intensive English Institute collaborates with other University of Illinois units and centers, businesses, universities, and educational agencies to create specially designed programs for groups with specific English needs. The IEI can offer customized programs for the specific needs, size, and time constraints of special groups of students, teachers, scholars, and professionals. From 2-hour workshops to five-week programs, we will work with your organization to best meet your group’s needs.

See a Sample 4-Week Program Proposal here.

Some of our special group programs have included:

  • Business communication for University of Illinois MBA
  • Engineering communication for University of Illinois Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Language skills for Chinese professors teaching in English
  • Brazilian ESL/EFL teacher training and development
  • Academic English for specific fields of study
  • Conversation and culture

Please contact the IEI for more information: iei@illinois.edu