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Agents & Advisors

The Intensive English Institute (IEI) is very pleased to have the opportunity to work with educational agents and advisors to bring students to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and we are looking for representatives who put the students’ needs first and try to match their interests with an appropriate institution.

Representative Responsibilities

Our representatives should agree to the following:

  • Representatives must be responsible for advising applicants in accordance with NAFSA's Statement of Ethical Principles, collecting fees and deposits, processing all application paperwork, and explaining visa regulations to the applicant.
  • The company/individual should attempt to refer at least 3 clients within each twelve month period.
  • The company/individual will ensure that completed applications including the financial support document (bank letter) the transcript from the last educational institution attended, and the application fee (including required express mail fee are submitted to the IEI in a timely way.
  • Any advertising (paper, web-based, e-mail or other) produced by the company/individual will accurately depict the role of the company/individual promoting the program and will accurately represent the programs and costs of the IEI.
  • In counseling students to attend the IEI, the company/individual will not make any promises for services, programs, admission to other programs etc. which the institute does not provide.
  • The company/individual will not attribute to the IEI any fees not actually charged by the IEI, and will clearly describe any fees charged to clients for the company’s services.

IEI Responsibilities

The IEI agrees to the following for any company/individual with whom it has an agreement:

  • The IEI will provide the program and services outlined on its website.
  • The IEI will inform the company in writing of any changes in fees and services.
  • The IEI will respond promptly to questions or requests for information.
  • The IEI will pay a commission of 10-15% of the IEI tuition for the first term of enrollment (no commission is paid on University fees, insurance, or housing) upon receipt of an invoice from the company. (Detailed information is provided in the Agent Agreement.)

How to Become an Agent?

First, please complete this Agent Questionnaire. This document will provide the IEI with the information needed in order to vet your agency.

Agent & Advisor Handbook

Please refer to the Handbook for International Agents and Advisors (PDF) for more information.


Contact us for any additional information. We are always happy to answer your questions.